How to get the most out of Sidecar FastTrack

Here are six tips for getting the most out of Sidecar FastTrack (SCFT):

  1. Start from Module One and proceed lesson by lesson, module by module. The early modules create the base for the later ones. Following these in the order presented gives you the best chance for a search that will gain good traction. TIP: You can always go back and review earlier modules and lessons to reinforce learning.
  2. Download and print out the activity sheets. You can then use these to record your reflections and learnings, making it easier to put them into practice. BONUS: Get a nice folder or binder to put these in.
  3. Encourage another leadership job searcher (or several) to take the course at the same time as you. You can share ideas and strategies and become a support network for one another. PLEA: Please don't share the course materials directly with your study buddies. If they purchase the course themselves you'll a) all feel better that you're doing the ethically correct thing, and b) provide that additional financial support to me so I can keep supporting adventurous leaders!
  4. Contact me for personalized support in your search. This course provides my standard advice for accelerating your leadership job search; it can't, of course, take into account all facets of an individual leader's search profile. OFFER: SCFTers save 15% on my regular coaching rates for an individual session.
  5. Give me feedback! If the instructions and advice I provide in SCFT doesn't reflect your experience, let me know. That's how I learn and improve. That allows me to provide better information to other leadership job seekers. INCENTIVE: Feedback you provide that makes it way into future editions of SCFT gets you a gratis coaching session with me.
  6. Spread the word! If you find value in SCFT, please spread the word to others. This will get other adventurous leaders into international school leadership roles, which will have positive knock-on effects for school communities. GOLD STAR: Knowing you've helped other adventurous women take up leadership roles in schools? Priceless. :-)

Thank you for being an adventurous leader!

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